Event Report: STL Rally School #3 June 29

The third St. Louis Region, SCCA, Rally School Series event was held Saturday, June 29, at Sunset Overlook in Columbia, Ill. The purpose of the series is to gradually introduce TSD (time-speed-distance) rally concepts to novice competitors using short-distance events (about 60 miles) that can be completed in two to three hours. Rally 3 introduced the use of two of the four basic Main Road Determinants (MRDs) used to help competing teams follow the rally route in the absence of formal, numbered route instruction. A total of six teams took part in the rally.

The third leg of the event was discarded due to the rallymaster’s misreading of road-surface conditions at an intersection early in the leg. This mistake caused all competitors to go off-course; fortunately, all teams were redirected back on course and completed the rally without further officially induced mishaps. The event results are provided below.

The fourth Rally School event will be held on Saturday, July 27, and will again start and finish at Sunset Overlook in Columbia, Ill. Registration will start at 2:30 p.m., a competitor meeting/Q&A session at 3:15 p.m., and cars will take to the course after 4:00 p.m. This event will introduce the remaining two “basic” Main Road Determinants used in course-type rallies: “Protection” of road intersections by Stop or Yield signs, and specified turns at T intersections. In addition, teams will be self-starting most of the legs of the rally when ready instead of at a time specified in the route instructions.

For additional information on the 2024 St. Louis Region, SCCA, Rally School, contact Tom vonHatten at tom.vonhatten@gmail.com.

Tom vonHatten

P.S. Registration for STL Rally School #4 July 27 is now open at MSR: http://msreg.com/STLRallySchool-4. Please join us.

Results, Rally School #3:*
Position, Driver/Navigator (Marque), Score
1, P. Young/K. Young (Hyundai), 11
2, P. Schnippel/K. Schnippel (GMC), 20
3, G. Fugman/H. Shine (BMW), 37
4, S. Kammer/R. Kammer (Acura), 92
5, C. Buss/W. Buss (Honda), 200
6, P. Vlaytchev/E. Vlaytchev (Polestar), 268
7, R. Biggs/M. Biggs (Chevrolet), DNS
* Scoring: 1 penalty point per second early or late at a control up to a maximum of 60 points per control.