Program Chair Announcement

The St. Louis Region SCCA Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Rachel Larson is now the Chair of our Road Race program. Rachel threw her name into the hat in May. During our Board meeting on June 10, Regional Executive Matt Pirrello officially nominated her for the position and the Board unanimously voted to approve that nomination*. In the run-up to this meeting, Rachel communicated openly with the Board and also participated in a meeting of interested members with a focus on rebuilding our Road Race program.

Rachel emphasizes that she cannot revive the Road Racing program by herself: we will need hard work from a number of members over the long haul. We will also need more entries, and Rachel has already developed a list of ideas to help publicize the program and its events to make that happen. Finally, she is prepared to think outside the box to get the program literally back on track!

Rachel advises that this will be a process and must be done in steps: first, she needs the team, then they must develop a plan and solicit entrants. Only then can we hold a race. The Board concurs. We appreciate the work Rachel has already put into this effort, and we look forward to working with her and the program. We know Rachel wants to hear from those who can help make this happen.

Thank you and congratulations, Rachel!