Results for STL Rally School #1 and STL Rally School #2

Scoring: At each checkpoint (control) 1 penalty point per second early or late up to a maximum of 60 points. School #1 included 6 legs, with only 3 legs scored because of an extended (really extended, more than an hour) blockage of the rally route by a Union Pacific freight train at a railroad crossing in the rural American Bottoms outside Columbia, Ill. School #2 contained 7 legs (all scored)–and no freight trains blocking any rail crossings anywhere in STL Rally School rally country. Duration of both rallies: about 60 miles and two hours.

Rallymaster: J. Thomas vonHatten

Rally School #1 (April 27)
Position, Driver/Navigator (Marque), Score
1, R. Sullivan/M. Sullivan (Chevrolet), 24
2, S. Krammerer/R. Krammerer (Acura), 29
3, R. Biggs/M. Biggs (Chevrolet), 33
4, G. Fugman/H. Shine (Subaru), 34
5, M. Houser/S. Houser (Alfa Romeo), 80
6, C. Buss/W. Buss (Honda), 97
7, P. Young/K. Young (Hyundai), 180
8, M. Simmons/M. Simmons (Mazda), 180
9, K. Healey/J. Healey (Toyota), DNF
10, A. DeVore/T. Bennett (VW), DNS

Rally School #2 (June 1)
Position, Driver/Navigator (Marque), Score
1, S. Krammerer/R. Krammerer (Acura), 55
2, L. Schnippel/K. Schnippel (Chevrolet), 75
3, R. Biggs/M. Biggs (Chevrolet), 103
4, P. Young/K. Young (Hyundai), 147
5, R. Bowes/J. Bolton (BMW, 244
6, C. Buss/W. Buss (Honda), 269
7, G. Fugman/H. Shine (Subaru), DNS
7, E. Gould/TBA (Porsche) DNS

Registration remains open Rally School #3 June 29. As with Rally School #1 and Rally School #2, Rally School #3 will begin and end at Sunset Overlook on Bluff Road in Columbia, Ill. Expect a mid-afternoon check-in, a rally school with a Q&A, and a 4:01 p.m. start for Team 1. To register for Rally School #3, visit

Registration for Rally School #3 closes Wednesday, June 26, at 11:59 p.m.

You may register for Rally School# 4 July 27 and Rally School #5 Aug. 24 at also.