About - St. Louis Region SCCA

Founded officially by its first three officers—A.L. Von Rump, James Austin,
Jr., and W. Bruce Carson—on January 30, 1952, as the Sports Car Club of St. Louis, Incorporated, the SCCA’s St. Louis Region, with some 600 members is an integral part of the 60,000-member SCCA.

The Region offers Road Racing, Performance Driving Experience (track
events), RallyCross, RoadRally, Solo (Autocross), and Street Survival School
programs to educate and provide safe environments for its members, friends,
and the general public to enjoy both their street-legal vehicles and purpose-built racecars. The Region is home to more than 80 national champions and has been recognized four times by the Sports Car Club of America as the Region Of The Year in its member category.

Governed by an elected Board of Directors and a leading member of the
SCCA’s expansive 15-region Midwest Division, the St. Louis Region throughout
its seven-decade history has organized and hosted, not only a multitude of local
events, but also numerous well-received National and Divisional events.
The Region subscribes wholeheartedly to the SCCA’s mission, vision, and
values, and seeks to provide a safe, fun, and welcoming environment for all its
members, guests, and attendees.

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