The Solo program is the SCCA autocross program. One car runs at a time, on a course laid out with traffic cones on a large paved surface, such as a parking lot or airport runway.


RallyCross, also known as RallyX, is a timed event that involves solo driving on grass or dirt and is often considered “autocross on the dirt.” As with autocross, the emphasis is on driver skill and handling rather than absolute speed, with frequent corners generally keeping speeds below 60 mph (100 km/h). In many ways, RallyCross is to rally racing as autocross is to road racing.


PDE, or Performance Driving Experience, are non-competitive and provides an instructional environment for drivers to practice performance driving and car handling. A true “run what you brung” event, many drivers use Track Events as an opportunity to drive their street car on a race track – without the pesky speed limits you find on city streets.

Road Rally

Road rallies are run on open, public roads. These are not races in the sense of speed (obviously, speed limits are to be obeyed), but of precision and navigation. The object is to drive on time, arriving at checkpoints with the proper amount of elapsed time from the previous checkpoint. Competitors do not know where the checkpoints are.

Road Racing

The SCCA Road Racing program is the road racing division. Drivers race wheel-to-wheel on either dedicated race tracks or on temporary street circuits. The St. Louis region’s official track is Gateway International Raceway. Competitors require either a regional or a national racing license. Both modified production cars (ranging from lightly-modified cars with only extra safety equipment to heavily-modified cars that retain only the basic shape of the original vehicle) and purpose-built formula or sports racer cars can be used in Roadracing.

Street Survival School

The Tire Rack Street Survival school is a safe teen driving program, designed to go beyond today’s required driver education and give teens across the U.S. the driving tools and hands-on experience they need to become safer, smarter drivers. The school provides trained and qualified in-car driving instructors as well as valuable classroom experience for each student.